Teacher-Parent Association

The Parents and Friends of Montessori’s Cool Association (APAMC) was created in the summer of 2015 four years after the school first opened, on the initiative of parents.
In agreement with Carol Nayagom, the School Principal, we thought it would be useful and interesting to join all willing parents within an association. Mathilde Adam-Bourdin, the founder of Montessori’s Cool, agreed to be an honorary member.

As stated in the statutes, the purpose and mission of this association are:

  • to create and maintain links between the parents of pupils at Montessori’s Cool (and to keep in touch with the parents of former pupils and keep track experiences in life after Montessori’s Cool) ;
  • to work as a relay between parents and the school’s administration, and to represent the interests of children and parents in all the projects the school proposes ;
  • to propose school and/or extra-curricular projects/activities aimed at improving the lives of children.

Obviously, we would like to invite all parents who so wish to join the association, and we listen very closely to your remarks and ideas.

We are at your disposal to answer any question about the association or about life at Montessori’s Cool, from a parental point of view, at the following address: assoc.parents.montessoriscool@gmail.com.

We have created a Facebook page to share articles, events and ideas for children’s outings: https://m.facebook.com/AssociationParentsetAmisMontessorisCool
Please feel free to follow and contribute to the page.