6-12 year-olds

Discovering the World

Stimulating and cheerful cooperative learning helps children to acquire and exceed the skills of the primary school programme.

The Montessori teaching method allows children to gradually move up from the concrete to the abstract. Pupils progress at their own speed and learn how to plan their work, thereby gaining in autonomy. In a secure and structure-based climate, they build their self-esteem, learn how to solve conflicts and grow in responsibility. They can then express and enhance their potential. Children discover the world, open up to others and prepare their advancement to junior school.

Typical day in the programme for 6 to 12 year-olds

8:30 to 8:55 am. Welcome to school. At 8:30, an educator waits at the school gate to welcome children and take over from parents until 8:45. Children enter the classroom and get ready to start their day’s work. They are invited to choose activities (“work” in Montessori speak) peculiar to the Montessori educational programme.

9 am. Presentations begin. At the beginning of the week, a work programme is drawn up with each child, who has to complete the programme before the week is out. Educators work with the children up until the clear-away period at around 11:20.

They give lessons in small groups of 2 to 4 children and also provide individual support for all pupils with problems that they are unable to solve by themselves.

11:20 to 12 noon. Clear-up period and assembly.

Around 11:20. Children are invited to put away class material and each one is given the responsibility to check every corner of the class-room. This is also the time to assess the morning’s work, to give an oral presentation, to mention any birthday or even give out important messages that call for the group’s full agreement.

12 noon to 1 pm. Lunch. Before sitting down to table, each child is asked to go wash their hands. Supervision from educators promotes respect for good table manners, the core of our “savoir-vivre” programme.

12:30 pm. By this time most of the children have finished their meal and have to clear away and clean their table.

1 to 2 pm. Recreation. They are all invited to get dressed to go outside. Children enjoy a little fresh air during this period. In poor weather, they stay inside and take part in different activities.

2 to 4:10 pm. Return to classroom activities. After the period spent outside, children return to a quiet atmosphere before resuming work.

4:10 pm. End of activities. Clear-up time for the classroom. The room is again tidied up, and this is a good time to assess the afternoon’s work, to give an oral presentation, to mention any birthday or even give out important messages.

4:30 pm. The children leave school.

NB: Children enjoy one or two sports activities per week during the school year.